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senators gary hart and norm coleman assess president obama's decision to use u.s. military power in libya. >> ifill: then, we get a report from a japan battered by nuclear disaster and now facing elevated radiation levels in its tap water. >> lehrer: miles o'brien looks at the future for u.s. nuclear power in the wake of the japan crisis. >> ifill: ray suarez reports on how the north african nation of morocco is working to avoid becoming the next target of regional unrest. >> reporter: in washington, morocco's foreign minister gave us an overview of king mohammed's planned reforms for a country facing some of the same discontents as its neighbors. >> you know what i feel like? i feel all the time like a cat on a hot tin roof! >> lehrer: and jeffrey brown remembers legendary film star elizabeth taylor who died today at age 79. that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people des
of us have to continue the pressure and isolation on the gadhafi regime. this includes a unified front of diplomatic and political pressure that makes clear to gaddafi he must go. >> the military pressure is being applied by the american, british, and french-led attacks, tilting the odds in favor of the rebels. so far, coalition support has held. but some countries question how long it can continue and what the end game should be. in this libya conflict, what should come next? turkey, a regional power, once a cease-fire, but negotiations, possibly even allowing gaddafi to stay in power. israel also wants a cease-fire and a political deal with gaddafi leaving the country. britain, france, and the united states are adamant gaddafi must go. they want him to face trial for war crimes, with libyans choosing their next leader. who could shed libyas future? this crucial meeting. the foreign secretary, jabril, is a key figure. >> the real aspirations of the libyan people are to be free, to live under a constitutional democratic system where there is a rule of law, all the essential freedoms ar
work. because we wanted to do something that was like-- i don't know, that made sense to us. we never considered ourselve anti-religion or anti-mormon. other people do. >> it is not like we were sitting here saying let's rip on mormon, how should we do it let's start writing some songs. it really was for me, growing up with musicals, i loved the classics, all the roger and hammerstein stuff. and so it really was can we make a really solid traditional musical and in the same way that they would use a group from oklahoma. now we are chalking being chinese americans, no let's do a really traditional musical but with mormons. >> rose: and katherine deneuve about her new thing potiche. >> the actresses, they want to have in the film or they want to say, you know, get through the actors, that's how it works. and it's the first important decision they have, if they are right, of course, it is to the choice of the actors. because in the end, on the screen that is what you look at and that is what you har and the emotion you can get or the pleasure you can have, you know, is always -- >> matt
going up. will this drive us into electric cars? >> probably. >> i'm thinking about it. >> we will have a talk after this. the it is typically a big one, 170 new models expected but this is an industry that has a big shadow over it with record high oil prices. it got record high gasoline prices in the united states. no doubt the focus will be hybrid electric vehicles. we will be speaking to a spat of car c.e.o.'s and in about 20 minutes i will be speaking to the president of ford. then we have the vice president of opal, et cetera, et cetera. >> look for a good deal. new zealand has observed a two-machine silence overnight to mark a week since the city of chri christchurch was devastated by an earthquake. 154 killed and others missing. the death toll is suggested to reach 240. we have this report from cries -- christchurch. >> at 12:55 new zealand fell silent. marking a moment of chaos and terror. not just in christchurch where the loss of life is heaviest but across the country. in wellington, and every corner of this grieving nation. the prime minister leading the tributes and promisi
combined the protection of the civilian population, how can one use air strikes which lead to more losses among a peaceful population? we cannot help but be concerned. >> amongst those actively involved in the air strikes, concern remains over who is in overall control of the operation? france, britain and the u.s. have taken the lead so far but they have yet agreed on the international council having the lead. >> in the rebel strong hold of benghazi we were said though the coalition was welcome, there was concern about the questions in misrata. >> more than 300 coalition sorties by air -- aircraft. 160 tomahawk missiles fired so far, probably getting on towards the 00, so it's a big coalition effort and no doubt the gratitude is here but people are worried about the situation in misrata, the last rebel strong hold and we're hearing gaddafi forces have been bomb barding although the libyan foreign ministers denied it saying there's just limited skirmishing and fighting going on in that city, but all the reports from the residents are saying it's a desperate situation running out of medica
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5